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The MoonSwatch Collection

On March 26, 2022, the MoonSwatch collection was released. Thousands lined up at their local swatch stores. The hype was unreal. 11 colorful models to represent our gorgeous solar system. One of the reasons the MoonSwatch hooked collectors is because it was modeled after the famous Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Fun fact, the MoonSwatch strap is based on the strap that was worn with the classic Speedy on its trip to space.

Our Collection is Complete!

Although I'm only 15 years old, I have been in love with watches for a long time now. When I discovered the MoonSwatch collection, I knew I had to have them all some day. When I showed my mom the MoonSwatches, surprisingly, she felt the same way. So one morning, we headed to our local Swatch store. Incredibly, we were able to get an earth and sun! We were hooked. We spent the next few months trying every chance we got to complete our collection. When we finally did, words can not describe how happy I was. Our mission was finally complete.

No Place to Store

After my mom and I had completed our collection, we were trying to figure out where to store our MoonSwatches. We decided to create a box for them. We spent months designing and manufacturing the perfect box. When it finally came, I was over the moon. It was nothing short of perfect. Then we realized that our fellow collectors might like a box of their own. So, we created watch bubl. There were many, many challenges along the way but finally, our little idea has become something great.