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Le produit original de bulle de montre. Le Planétarium a été conçu pour mes collègues collectionneurs MoonSwatch pour stocker leur collection Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch. Une belle boîte à montres faite à la main pour les collectionneurs du monde entier.

11 Slots

The Planetarium features 11 slots specially designed to fit both the original MoonSwatch straps and aftermarket straps. The special C-shaped insert ensures the original straps remain in original, uncreased condition while also accommodating any watch, strap or bracelet.

Canvas Case

The exterior of The Planetarium is a blue canvas with white straps. The case is secured with hook and loop, similar to the hook and loop on the MoonSwatch straps. Fun fact: The hook and loop is a detail of interest as it is an homage to the original Speedmaster Moonwatch straps which were 2 ft of hook and loop so astronauts could wrap them around their spacesuits. The case measures: 18in x 13in x 4in (45.72cm x 33.02cm x 10.16cm).

A Pop of Color

Whether you place the watches in order of distance from the sun (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, (Moon), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Pluto) or any other way, there's no bad combination as the vibrant colors pop off the neutral background and look amazing when presented together.

The Planetarium

Display Box for MoonSwatch Collectors